Statement on Abolishment of the Customer Service Center in USA

According to the global marketing strategy of Perlight Solar Co.,Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the “Perlight”), from 1st Sept, 2013, the Customer Service Center in Torrance, Los Angeles, USA. has been abolished. Perlight also has terminated all business cooperation with Smallbeard Solar LLC、Perlight Sales North America LLC、Zebra Energy LLC, Sunny Liu(Liu Zhe) and Gideon Needleman. Perlight hereby solemnly declare that from 1st Sept, 2013, all business activities conducted by the above mentioned companies and persons are not relevant to Perlight, and Perlight shall not be liable for any consequences caused by such business activities.
Meanwhile the Customer Service Center for American market is temporarily being moved to Perlight’s headquarters in China. Perlight commits to all American customers by providing high quality photovoltaic Module as it always has. To guarantee the legitimate rights of American customers, Perlight will take all necessary legal means to fight against any fake and inferior Perlight products or any activities that may infringe the Intellectual property rights of Perlight. Perlight promises its customer service policy will maintain the same for all American customers, and does apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this decision. Guarantee clients’ legitimate rights which shall be inviolable. The Company promise all American clients to maintain the current after-service policy, and apologize sincerely for the potential inconvenient to all clients. Any adjustment will be updated accordingly.
Perlight Solar Co., Ltd.
Sept. 1st 2013