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Perlight Solar

Perlight Solar, established in 2006 in Zhejiang, is specialized in the manufacturing, R&D, technical services, and EPC of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and related new energy products.

With over four decades of manufacturing experience and almost two decades in solar power, Perlight is an expert in the fabrication of photovoltaic cells and solar panels.

The internationally recognized Perlight brand is known for its innovative, aesthetic, smart, and powerful PV modules that offer great value and exceptional quality to the company’s global customers.

With a mature ERP and MES management system, advanced production equipment, and strict quality control, Perlight pays the utmost attention to detail to produce high-quality solar modules that consumers are satisfied with.

Perlight Solar attaches great importance to R&D and technological innovation, has more than 100 patents, and is a patent demonstration enterprise in Taizhou City.

The company has standardized management and upholds responsibility. It has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system standard, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system standard, GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management system certification, and SA8000:2014 social responsibility management system certification.

Quality & Innovation

Perlight has a global customer base, and its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Especially in the high-end residential photovoltaic market, it has become a high-quality embodiment of excellent quality and service.

The internationally recognized PERLIGHT brand modules have a good reputation among users and have registered trademarks in more than 80 photovoltaic market countries and regions.

Westech Solar UK is the official UK and EU representative of Perlight Solar, based in Oxford, UK. They provide high-standard customer service to Perlight Solar customers throughout the UK and EU region.

Global Distribution

Facing the future, Perlight Solar insists on a differentiated competition strategy, constantly innovating products and services, market diversification, and maintaining its high standards for quality. Perlight is devoted to being the leading brand in globally distributed renewable energy solutions and providing excellent customized solar energy products and services worldwide.

Case Study

The first rooftop PV power system in Taizhou city, Perlight Solar’s 360kWp PV power station, is a demonstrative project of Zhejiang Province and China Golden Sun program. With a total capacity of 360kWp, the plant is invested in by Baolite Group and constructed by its subsidiary, Perlight Solar Co., Ltd.

The project consists of two parts. The first one is the 320kWp rooftop power station in the Group's plant covering 6000 square meters. The other is the 40kWp over the car park and buildings in the Jiangxia Tidal plant, covering an area of 660 square meters.

The project started in December 2009 and launched in July 2010, composed of 1944 pieces of 185W monocrystalline photovoltaic solar modules manufactured by Perlight.

The expected annual power generation of 360,000kWh brings good social and environmental benefits: it saves 144 tons of standard coal, reduces 358.9 tons of carbon dioxide emission, 97.9 tons of carbonaceous dust, and 10.8 tons of sulfur dioxide.



The series of products have passed the professional certification of TUV, UL, CEC, MCS, CE, CSA, CQC, Golden Sun and other global and regional product certifications.

Perlight obtained the "Made in Zhejiang" product certification in 2018.

In 2020, Perlight achieved SA8000 Standard certification, demonstrating an internationally recognized standard of decent work which is very uncommon in the solar manufacturing industry.


In 2016, Perlight was awarded the recommended brand of export by the China Chamber of Commerce of Machinery and Electronics.

In 2017, Perlight received the Wenling Municipal Government Quality Award.